Export Regulations

The Export Administration Regulations (EAR) provide information on the export restrictions on a wide variety of goods, software, and technologies. StrongKey, Inc. products are subject to the control of exports under the United States Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS). An item subject to U.S. export controls is not necessarily unable to be exported. In the case of StrongKey encryption products, a one-time government technical review/notification is required prior to exporting. Once a review has been completed, products may become eligible for a particular export license exception. This export authority may then be used by all exporters, not just StrongKey. For Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) information, please email getsecure@strongkey.com.

StrongKey’s products may not be exported to the embargoed countries and denied parties/affiliates without an export license.

We are providing this information as a general guideline to our customers. BIS requires that each entity exporting products be familiar with and comply with their affirmative obligations set forth in the Export Administration Regulations. Please note that the regulations are subject to change. We recommend that you obtain your own legal advice when attempting to export. In addition some countries may restrict certain levels of encryption imported into their country. We recommend consulting legal counsel in the appropriate country or the applicable governmental agencies in the particular country.