StrongKey helps merchants, PSPs, banks, and digital identity providers


Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

Offer merchants simple and
straightforward PSD2 SCA delegated


Reduce friction while
complying with PSD2 SCA requirements

Digital Identity Providers

Integrate FIDO into federated digital identity systems and processes

Retail Banks

Offer FIDO authentication integrated with your bill payments and ACH systems

Issuing Banks

Reduce friction of 3DS2 authentication by supporting FIDO authenticator keys and biometrics

Risk Managers

Offer an additional layer of protection to manage payment risk

STRONGKEY fintech Solution benefits

Reduce Fraud

Credit card fraud is expected to top $35B by 2023—StrongKey’s FIDO® Certified FIDO2 Server gives you the industry’s strongest two-factor authentication with hardware based keys, eliminating costly breaches and transaction fraud

Lower Costs

StrongKey's open source software has no per-user or per-transaction fees; downloadable via GitHub and SourceForge, StrongKey's FIDO Server reduces the cost of development and integration

Reduce Friction

FIDO passwordless authentication offers a method of single-gesture two-factor authentication for a frictionless and fast authentication experience that meets PSD2 SCA requirements and integrates with EMVCo's 3DS2

    Enable Compliance

    StrongKey enables you to meet an increasing variety of stringent compliance standards and requirements: FIPS 140-2, GDPR, CCPA, PCI DSS, PSD2 SCA, and HIPAA., among others


      Tellaro: FIDO strong authentication, Encryption, Tokenization, Pseudonymization, Digital Signatures, Key Management, Card Capture, Payments, IoT, PKI
      StrongKey Tellaro is a comprehensive software suite that provides strong authentication, encryption, tokenization, PKI management, and digital signature management. Our software, which includes a FIDO® Certified FIDO2 server, is open source, and we support flexible data center and cloud deployment models.


      FIDO Strong Authentication

      StrongKey FIDO Server software module is the only open source U2F and FIDO2-certified server. Enables merchants, PSPs, acquirers, and issuers to offer passwordless authentication and comply with PSD2 SCA and delegated authentication.

      Tokenization and Encryption

      Our Tokenization and Encryption software module l application level-encryption and tokenization technology to protect personally identifiable information (PII) such as credit cards, account numbers, passwords, and other sensitive data. Combined with strong authentication from our FIDO Server, we support Application Level Encryption and Strong Authentication (ALESA).

      PKI Management

      Our PKI Management software module provides secure key and certificate generation, storage, and management. Including an onboard root CA and HSM, our Tellaro-E appliance meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance standards. We allow financial providers to securely manage keys and digital certificates for TLS, digital signatures, authentication, machine identities, secrets vaults, and IoT devices.


      • Hardware-based Security
        StrongKey Tellaro supports the highest levels of authentication assurance based on NIST guidance; additionally, our appliance uses an onboard FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated cryptographic hardware module in the form of a trusted platform module (TPM) as a standard feature—with the option to configure it with a hardware security module (HSM) for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance—providing some of the highest protection available for key generation, use, and storage
      • Cost-effective
        Our solutions are sold with no per-user or per-transaction fees; we also offer custom integration and professional services
      • Integration and Support
        We provide integration and support services for FIDO testing, development, and production; PKI device on-boarding and provisioning; PCI DSS compliance and system integration; and customized support services for enterprise and SMBs
      • Open Source
        StrongKey is committed to the open-source community. Our software is available for free download on GitHub and SourceForge via the GNU Lesser General Public v2.1 License; StrongKey provides full support, maintenance, and upgrades for purchased versions of our software
      • Experience
        StrongKey has been helping Fintech companies for more than 15 years; see our customer testimonies below

      Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

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      “StrongKey plays an integral role within the fabric of our IT Operations, Security, and Compliance. It helps us process $12 billion dollars on an annual basis… providing a seamless service in tokenizing credit card and ACH data and encrypting sensitive data.”
      Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
      Online payment processing company
      StrongKey customer since 2010
      “We bootstrapped our startup using StrongKey. It was our platform of choice out of the gate because it was the least expensive by a long shot, has a simple API, and makes tokenization easy.”
      Andrew Barringer
      Director of Network Operations, Corserv
      Customer since 2013
      "StrongKey provides detailed, straightforward documentation that is approachable for even a non-technical manager. It’s clear that the configurations of the StrongKey appliance are designed to satisfy the PCI DSS requirements directly, which streamlines the audit process for key management to less than 15 minutes."
      Senior Compliance Officer (and a former QSA)
      ABC Financial
      Customer since 2012