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Thanks for being interested in ordering the StrongKey Tellaro! By signing up, you will be the very first to know when the product is available, and you will have access to special pre-order pricing which will include the following:
  • A kit with two Tellaros, networked and configured as a High Availability (HA) cluster (to ensure your business always has access to its security capabilities)
  • Ten (10) FIDO Security Keys—a starter kit to begin using the industry’s strongest authentication technology immediately for your team and customers (additional Security Key packs are available for purchase separately; alternatively buy any FIDO U2F Security Key on eBay or Amazon for use with your Tellaroas long as it is FIDO Certified, you have the FIDO Alliance’s assurance that it will work with our product)
  • Two (2) tamper-evident envelopes to protect backup Tellaro administrator Security Keys
  • Professional on-site installation by a trained technical specialist
  • Free first-year subscription for U.S.-based support with all patches and upgrades included during the subscription period