StrongAuth, Inc. (dba StrongKey) is a privately held company that was originally incorporated  in 2001. We have offices in Cupertino, CA and Durham, NC. We got our start solving the challenge of developing a public key infrastructure, and soon found ourselves exploring other security challenges where we could apply our expertise.
In addition to the work we do for our customers, our broader contributions to security include helping the US Army secure its industrial supply chain, contributing to four NIST National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) projects, providing security solutions to two Central Banks and being one of three technology companies that advised the State of California as part of its Blockchain Working Group.

Our Philosophy

StrongKey's mission is to safeguard critical data by providing security solutions that are accessible to everyone. The central tenet of our philosophy revolves around the idea of "disruptive defenses", an uncommon approach to tackling security challenges by combining existing industry standards and technologies that are already in common use, but rarely assembled together.

Our Values

We hold ourselves true to the following values. Our decisions as vendors, partners and as an employer are governed by them.

We Are True To Our Beliefs

Our views on security are guided by one fundamental principle - we will always do what results in the best possible security solution for our customers. Sometimes, this means we have a contrarian viewpoint. Sometimes, the entire industry may be going one way, while we insist on the other. We don’t do this to needlessly argue; we do this because we passionately believe in the efficacy of the security solutions we offer.

We Do Business The Right Way

We create and sell technology that is truly solving problems, not looking to simply make money. We operate with transparency with our employees, customers, investors, and all other stakeholders. We don’t take shortcuts, we extend trust, and seek to cultivate it in others as they work with us. We are uncompromising in operating this way, no matter the cost.

We Create Technology To Enhance Lives

We have a utopian view of what technology could be. We believe that everyone deserves a secure web, and that our technology can help level the economic playing field by enabling people to be connected securely. We are passionate believers in open source technology, and we are grateful to the open source community for helping us to get where we are. We believe in sharing and giving back – both in technology, as well as people. We hire people who have the potential to be teachers and mentors, who are collaborative, and who join in this vision.

We Value The People We Work With

We consider the whole person— a completeness of goals and aspirations, family, pursuits outside of work, relationships, and career paths. We strive to create a workplace that respects balance and provides opportunities to pursue passions whether related to work or not. We believe work is an important thing, but not the most important thing. Work can (and should) be fun and enjoyable—but we hold that in tension with the serious effort it takes to work in an industry with mission-critical data and increasing attacks and data breaches all around us.

Partnerships and Affiliations

StrongKey is proud to be associated with the following organizations and companies.

We are contributing members of:

We belong to:

Our Commercial Partners:

Utimaco, Systena

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is made up of engineering veterans who focus on producing the best data protection technology on the planet. With a dedicated team, we share the common goal of wanting to bring better security and enhanced trust to the companies we serve, and the people they serve.

Arshad Noor


After 32 years of experience in the Information Technology sector (including nearly two decades of designing and building key management infrastructures for worldwide mission-critical environments), Arshad has redirected his energy into solving bigger problems—like making breaches irrelevant—with StrongKey. He loves to pursue personal fitness and health, which handily offsets his passion for sweets. As Arshad fervently stays abreast of cybersecurity news, he is always ready to engage in a friendly debate about authentication or recent breach news.

Pushkar Marathe

Manager of Engineering

While Pushkar is the primary Engineering Manager at StrongKey, he is, by his own admission, a Java developer at heart. He relishes his role at the company, where he helps to push the envelope on data security. "Even after 10 years at StrongKey, I always have the opportunity to work with new technology and solve problems that have not been solved yet." Pushkar enjoys playing soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, and adores animals, especially dogs.