FIDO Developer tools

StrongKey provides an open source FIDO® Certified server, downloadable on GitHub and SourceForge

WHAT'S YOUR fido application?

StrongKey FIDO Server is being implemented in increasingly different verticals. We are always excited to help design new implementations. Here are some of the more prominent deployments of FIDO:


Use FIDO for PSD2 SCA and delegated authentication compliance to reduce friction


Use FIDO for 2FA or full passwordless authentication—StrongKey even includes JWT generation for SSO


Protect access to critical infrastructure and ICS/SCADA systems critical with FIDO strong authentication

FIDO2/ webauthn and U2F Tutorial

Try our tutorial on how to convert a password-based website to passwordless with FIDO authentication using Node.js and SQLite

Demo Instances

A basic Java application demonstrating FIDO2 registration and authentication


Learn how to install and deploy the FIDO® Certified StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS), Community Edition in a few simple steps

Proof of Concept Sample Application

This project is a service provider web application written in JavaScript and Java to work with the FIDO® Certified StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS), Community Edition


Contribute to the FIDO2 project

You Know You Want to

To contribute to the StrongKey FIDO Server (SKFS), Community Edition project, please read, then sign and return the Contributor License Agreement (CLA).