StrongKey's open source FIDO® Certified Server provides fully passwordless strong authentication


Eliminate Password-related Vulnerabilities

Strong authentication with FIDO prevents the most common causes of password-related breaches, like those that created the SolarWinds breach. The FIDO protocols were given the highest level of authentication assurance from NIST, and are considered stronger than what the DoD currently uses

Reduce your breach risk and save money while doing so

Bring Your Own Authenticator

FIDO Certified® authenticators work with our FIDO Certified® server. Over 2 billion devices are already FIDO-compatible—get started today without needing to buy or issue anything to users. StrongKey also natively supports Apple and Android devices, enabling apps on phones and laptops to use platform FIDO keys.

Frictionless authentication on your existing devices

FIDO in the Cloud

Scale up and down as needed with our Dockerized FIDO2 server, and for enhanced security, use our on-premises or hybrid cloud options; all deployment options have built-in High Availability (HA), Disaster Recovery (DR), clustering, and replication.

Complete control over your deployment from day one

Flat Pricing, Infinite Scale

Our solution is 100% open source—that means you can have unlimited transactions, unlimited applications, and unlimited users, for one fixed cost

Lower and more predictable costs, with more money towards your bottom line

Easy Integration and Rollout

StrongKey's open-source FIDO® Certified FIDO2 server is designed with developers in mind. We make authentication as painless as possible with our passwordless FIDO SSO solution

Fewer headaches for your Dev team

More Than Just FIDO

SKFS broadens strong authentication with Single Sign-on (SSO) capability, LDAP compatibility, and the FIDO Alliance Metadata Service (MDS), among other additional functions.

A smoother, integrated experience for everyone


Physical Appliance

  • FIDO servers come as a module on the StrongKey Tellaro appliance
  • The Tellaro appliance does much more than just FIDO—it's your one-stop shop for for encryption, tokenization, key management, and several other disruptive defense techniques
  • Tellaro appliances protect cryptographic keys with either a TPM or HSM

Virtual Appliance

  • For increased flexibility, the FIDO2 server has been decoupled from the appliance and released as a containerized image
  • Limitless deployments—deploy SKFS nodes in any virtualized environment, in any quantity you choose
  • Pay for the containerized SKFS based on your support requirements

StrongKey Hosted Solution

  • For the best of both worlds, use the Tellaro appliances but let us manage them for you
  • Stored in our secure data centers around the globe, you pay a simple all-inclusive subscription


Simple APIs

Access the FIDO server via simple web services, making integration is as easy as possible

Don't Change a Thing

No need to install any software on the web application servers — keep your environments isolated

Robust Development

Our GitHub and SourceForge repos have all the resources and demos you need to integrate in a matter of hours


Tellaro: FIDO strong authentication, Encryption, Tokenization, Pseudonymization, Digital Signatures, Key Management, Card Capture, Payments, IoT, PKI
StrongKey Tellaro is a comprehensive software suite that provides strong authentication, encryption, tokenization, PKI management, and digital signature management. Our open-source software includes a FIDO® Certified FIDO2 server, and we support flexible data center and cloud deployment models.


  • Hardware-based Security
    StrongKey Tellaro supports the highest levels of authentication assurance based on NIST guidance; additionally, our appliance uses an onboard FIPS 140-2 Level 2 validated cryptographic hardware module in the form of a trusted platform module (TPM) as a standard feature—with the option to configure it with a hardware security module (HSM) for FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance—providing some of the highest protection available for key generation, use, and storage
  • Cost-effective
    Our solutions are sold with no per-user or per-transaction fees; we also offer custom integration and professional services
  • Integration and Support
    We provide integration and support services for FIDO testing, development, and production; PKI device on-boarding and provisioning; PCI DSS compliance and system integration; and customized support services for enterprise and SMBs
  • Open Source
    StrongKey is committed to the open-source community. Our software is available for free download on GitHub and SourceForge via the GNU Lesser General Public v2.1 License; StrongKey provides full support, maintenance, and upgrades for purchased versions of our software
  • Experience
    StrongKey has been helping Fintech companies for more than 15 years; see our customer testimonies below