We take on and solve the most challenging data privacy and security problems

We Provide Disruptive Defenses

We understand that no matter how good your defenses are, they can be breached, so we focus our attention on providing application layer encryption and strong authentication.


We've provided central banks of countries, the Fortune 100 and other businesses and organizations with custom data security solutions that benefit from our expertise in hardware-based key management. We solve complex challenges that involve:

  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Strong Authentication
  • Encryption and Tokenization
  • Digital Signatures

The learnings and technology we develop for our custom solutions have numerous applications, and we offer them in more standardized offerings to solve for common security challenges that include:

  • PCI DSS Compliance
  • IoT Security
  • FIDO-based Passwordless Authentication
  • Compliance - CCPA, GDPR, CMMC, PSD2, P2PE, HIPAA

Comprehensive Solutions

We've provided central banks of countries, the Fortune 100 and other businesses and organizations with comprehensive and customized data security solutions that benefit from our decades-old expertise in public key infrastructure (PKI), hardware-based key management and cryptography. Our custom solutions revolve around the following:

Digital Signatures

Industry Solutions

We provide solutions tailored to key vertical industries to help our customers reduce fraud, reduce cost, reduce friction, and comply with industry standards:

What Makes Us Unique

Our hardware-based key management solutions and open-source model provide our customers with the following benefits:

Flat-fee Pricing

Lower, more predictable operational costs. No more surprises that come with metered pricing

Easy Implementation

Reduce your engineering costs, and be up and running in no time at all thanks to our developer-friendly APIs and our stellar support


We offer on-prem or cloud-based solutions to suit your particular needs

Enhanced Security

Hardware-protected keys, single tenancy and exclusive customer ownership of keys for an added degree of security


Our solutions scale easily to meet your needs. We've worked with 4-person startups all the way to central banks of countries


Already using our products for encryption and tokenization, and want to add FIDO2-based authentication? No problem. We can add and expand solutions to your existing one easily. In fact, all our solutions can all be added-on quickly and simply to any existing solution of ours that you've already deployed

Why Our Customers Keep Coming Back

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“StrongKey plays an integral role within the fabric of our IT Operations, Security, and Compliance. It helps us process $12 billion dollars on an annual basis… providing a seamless service in tokenizing credit card and ACH data and encrypting sensitive data.”
Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Online payment processing company
Customer since 2010
“We bootstrapped our startup using StrongKey. It was our platform of choice out of the gate because it was the least expensive by a long shot, has a simple API, and makes tokenization easy.”
Andrew Barringer
Director of Network Operations, Corserv
Customer since 2013
"StrongKey provides detailed, straightforward documentation that is approachable for even a non-technical manager. It’s clear that the configurations of the StrongKey appliance are designed to satisfy the PCI DSS requirements directly, which streamlines the audit process for key management to less than 15 minutes."
Senior Compliance Officer (and a former QSA)
ABC Financial
Customer since 2012