IT Systems/Security Engineer

Cupertino, CA

We are dedicated to making the highest levels of security available to organizations of all sizes, and we need a qualified IT Systems/Security Engineer to assist with the day-to-day operations required to achieve that. If you meet most or all of the below requirements, we'd love to schedule a conversation with you

  • Provide end-user support, training and system administration
  • Assess, deploy, evaluate and monitor system patches
  • Ensure 24/7 access to critical systems
  • Work with engineering teams to evaluate and secure next generation platforms
  • Maintain and develop PXE environment and infrastructure
  • Maintain virtual machine environment and infrastructure
  • Administrate and maintain NAS servers
  • Work with vendors to maintain and establish contracts for software and hardware
  • Provide customer support and deployment services for StrongKey products
  • Be part of a rotating 24/7 tier-3 after hours support team
  • Maintain security baselines for systems and products
  • Use tools (such as the NVD) to assess vulnerabilities and determine impact and mitigation


  • Graduate with Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field within the last 7 years
  • 2-4 years of experience in IT Security
  • Ability to analyze system patches/updates and their impact
  • Understanding of networking, TCP/IP, VPNs, etc.
  • Familiarity with Dell and HPE workstations and servers
  • Ability to lift up to 65 lbs
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts to non-technical audience
  • Experience with Linux (RHEL) essential; knowledge of Windows Server desirable
  • Understanding of VMWare ESXi Administration is a plus
  • Understanding of Nessus is a plus
  • Any related security certifications are a plus (GSEC, Security+, CEH, CISSP, etc.)

About StrongKey

StrongKey makes data breaches irrelevant. We are redefining the way businesses and government agencies secure their information against the inevitability of a breach through four specific practices that ensure their data, no matter the format, remains encrypted and protected at the highest possible level. While other security solutions focus on predicting, containing, or looking after the perimeter, StrongKey provides strong authentication, application-level encryption, and digital signatures which are underpinned by hardware-backed key management to ensure data security even with an attacker on your network. We’re trusted by some of the largest companies and critical government agencies around the globe, and provide tailored solutions for multinational corporations, small businesses, and even individuals working from a home office.

Founded in 2001, we are now in a pivotal growth stage, which creates a unique opportunity for anyone joining the StrongKey team. We offer the autonomy, excitement, strategy-setting, and challenge of a startup, with the stability of nearly 20 years of proven security, thought leadership, and a working business model. If you are tired of being lost in the crowd and yearn for the opportunity to make a personal impact, StrongKey may be a compelling place for you to work.

The Kind of Person Who Might Enjoy Working Here

  • Knows how to communicate well in all circumstances, whether requiring directness, empathy, feedback, listening, or all of the above; we value the “human” in human capital a lot more than the capital, and we’re looking for people who feel the same way
  • Can understand equally the challenges and limitations of engineering, while also thinking through how an everyday, non-technical person may interact with our product
  • Equally comfortable chatting with a non-technical customer and holding highly technical conversations with other engineers
  • High-energy, optimistic, creative, curious, flexible (we’re a startup even if we’ve been around a while!), people-oriented, comfortable leading, bold yet humble, and a passionate problem-solver
  • Have a love of life outside of work! Personal balance is important to us

Contact CAREERS@STRONGKEY.COM or visit our Contacts page and drop us a note! Thanks for your interest.