Authenticate: The FIDO Conference

Start Date:
November 9, 2020
End Date:
November 20, 2020

Relying on passwords is passé. Modern authentication systems and standards have emerged to provide more efficient ways for organizations to provide strong security and better interactions with their brands.

Welcome to Authenticate, the first conference dedicated to the who, what, why, and how of user authentication – with a focus on the FIDO standards-based approach. Authenticate, hosted by the FIDO Alliance, is the place for CISOs, security strategists, enterprise architects, and product and business leaders to get all of the education, tools and best practices to roll out modern authentication across web, enterprise and government applications.

StrongKey’s CTO, Arshad Noor will be speaking on: What is the Future of Authentication with PKI and FIDO2? As the industry begins its transition to FIDO2/WebAuthn Integration, companies and government agencies will grapple with many questions. For the vast majority, the questions will focus on user experience, transition strategies, as well as operational and technical support questions. For those organizations that have a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) already in place, the questions will be far more complex:

  • How does FIDO2 differ from PKI?
  • What are the benefits of maintaining PKI and FIDO2?
  • What are the operational requirements for supporting PKI and FIDO2?

This session will address these questions and others for those organizations that have deployed PKI and are wondering how the standardization of FIDO2/WebAuthn will impact their investments.

About the Speaker: Arshad Noor is the CTO of StrongKey, a Silicon Valley and Durham, NC based company focused on securing data through strong authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and key management. He has 32 years of experience in the Information Technology sector, of which, more than 19 were devoted to designing and building key management infrastructures for dozens of mission-critical environments around the world. He has been published in periodicals and journals, as well as authored XML-based protocols at OASIS and represents StrongKey at the FIDO Alliance. He is also a frequent speakers at forums such as RSA, ISACA, ISSA, OWASP, and the ISSE.