The TellaroTM.

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Unprecedented security at an unprecedented price. 
Enterprise-level protection on a small business budget. 
Your key to secure data.TM


Current security
options don’t cut it.

So we decided to change that.

Despite a proliferation of security technology, small-to-medium sized businesses and individual practitioners are still being increasingly targeted. At the current rate, it is more likely than not that an SMB will be attacked — over half were breached and lost data last year. Not only that, attackers are prioritizing SMBs over enterprises due to their vulnerability. And every week we see news of more high profile attacks, ranging from ransomware shutting down hospitals to law firms being unable to go to court due to lost documents.

3+ Billion

User ID’s and passwords
stolen last year alone.

Passwords are an awful combination of insecure, decades-old technology that are not only annoying, but are vulnerable to attack from anywhere in the world.

Control of how your
information is handled.

The cloud is an amazing and productive tool — but, one that does not give SMBs adequate control over its protection. You hand over your data, as well as control over the encryption keys to decrypt it.

Of organizations with anti-virus
software were breached last year.

Firewalls and malware detection software, while available inexpensively, aren’t foolproof 
— they simply can’t protect your data once breached.

The Solution.

Ready to sleep better?

We know that running a small business means wearing a lot of different hats, but cyber-security doesn’t need to be one. It’s why we have designed StrongKey Tellaro:

Tellaro. For the win.


Professionally set up, intuitive to use, and U.S.-based support when you need it.


Multiple central banks and some of the largest enterprises in the world use our technology. The identical security technology is in the StrongKey Tellaro.


The Tellaro is available in a kit at a special pre-order price of $2,995 with professional installation and the first year’s subscription free.

How it works.

Plain and simple.

It’s simple and straightforward by design, so you can get back to your job. The StrongKey Tellaro™ is a physical box installed in your office, home, or business. Once set up, it integrates into your workflow through a browser, and is simple enough for any average non-technical user.

Inside the Tellaro is cryptographic hardware, serving as the security foundation of our product. Identical to devices used by the most security-conscious companies and government agencies worldwide, it protects all encryption keys on the Tellaro and ensures only you control its security capabilities. Your security is too important to be trusted to just software or to be outsourced to the cloud.

Our product also harnesses the power of a rising authentication protocol from the FIDO Alliance, which removes the burden of passwords. Recommended by NIST, and implemented by Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and over 300 other organizations, this technology lets you access web applications and files on the Tellaro, securely from anywhere in the world.

Here’s what The StrongKey Tellaro™ does for you:


Encryption of sensitive data and files, while encryption keys never leave your control.

Cloud Storage

 Cloud storage with secure file access and file sharing.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures for protecting the integrity of data and files. 

No More Passwords

 Elimination of burdensome passwords and a single-sign-on engine to web applications.


Exceeds HIPAA, PCI DSS, and other security regulations for data protection requirements.

Phishing Prevention

 Prevention of phishing attacks and ransomware attacks.

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Who’s this for?

We think just about everyone.


Making your life easier in complying with data-security requirements for PSD2, GDPR, PCI DSS and similar regulations.

Health Care
Safely send medical information across any ecosystem, exchanging patient information electronically. HIPAA data security and privacy compliance. Ensure secure user authentication for medical device companies. No more ransomware locking up health care operations.
Legal Services

Notwithstanding legal disclaimers, clients have an expectation of working securely with attorneys in the 21st century. Safely store, send, and receive sensitive client information without relying on passwords or plaintext e-mail messages.


Schools are targeted as back-door ways into breaching government systems. Keep systems and student information safe, be it grades, health, or behavior information. Provide a highly secure way to share sensitive documents with parents.

Public Safety & First Responders

Using NIST-recommended strong authentication to access government systems, maintaining secure communication across county, state, and department lines.

Accounting & Tax Practices

Ensure your clients’ data is safe, and provide them a secure way to share it with you. Ensure data security compliance with the GLBA.

Internet of Things

Serving as an aggregator to strongly authenticate users to their devices, and provision/manage encryption keys for devices.

Small Businesses

Securing your and your customers’ data. Retailers, e-Commerce start-ups: address PCI DSS encryption easily and get back to focusing on your core business.


Are you ready
to be secure?

Let’s make this happen.

Hopefully, you are feeling reassured that there is something here that can ease your data security worries so you can go back to doing what you love most: your work. Fret no more; we’ve thought it through so you don’t have to. Ready to get serious about this? Give us a shout.


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StrongKey Developer Community wants you!

Dear Developers.

We love you.

And we want you along for the adventure. One of the most exciting things about the StrongKey Tellaro is that it creates a new platform for developing a new class of secure applications that can take on the establishment. Unlike applications developed in the past, you’ll be designing and developing applications with Department of Defense-like security from the ground-up. (Actually, better than Department of Defense security because even the US Government is not using FIDO yet — not to worry, we’re working on them).

If you’re currently developing software that has a need for security — encrypting sensitive data, enabling digital signatures, authenticating users — we can help. We are offering developers an early price of $995, with no subscription fee, for a StrongKey Tellaro and access into our Developer Community. Contact us to learn more.

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